Sorry for the tiny photo to the left.  It’s the only one I could find of Leonard Jones on-line. 

Anyway… Leonard Jones is a worship leader from MorningStar Ministries (Rick Joyner’s church), and whether you really get into worship music or not, you gotta check him out.

Jones is an amazing musician, but what sets him apart is his ability to lead his group to jam on a song, changing tempos and rhythms, exploring all possible directions, and then coming back to the foundation, all going wherever God seems to be leading.  When Leonard Jones does worship music, you can’t just sit back and think, “Oh, what a nice song.”  You get ministered to, whether there’s singing going on or it’s just music.

Leonard Jones has been one of MorningStar Ministries’ main worship leaders since the early 90s.  My wife and I went to check out the MorningStar church in Charlotte, NC a few years ago, and we were surprised to find that he would be leading worship that day.  Before I tell you how amazing it was, let me give you some background.  For about a year or so, both my wife and I got up early and spent about 3 hours at our church praying and meeting with God before we started our days.  While we read our Bibles and stuff, we had MorningStar worship CDs playing in the background (they weren’t the coolest in the world, but they were mellow and worshipful and really good for spending time with God).  So for about a year, we heard Leonard Jones over and over and over, and after that year, we really got sick of his songs.

When we went to MorningStar church, it was incredible because they did all the songs we knew by heart and were bored of, but they did them all differently.  The songs they were “supposed” to jam on, they did really fast.  The ones they were supposed to do fast, they hung around on the chorus forever.  Nothing came out the same as on the CD.  It was like they were adjusting and improvising and experimenting all the time, which made everything seem new again.

The coolest part, though, was how the people responded to the worship music.  They jumped, danced, clapped as hard as they could, and sang with all their might.  Leonard Jones is an amazing worship leader and musician, but seeing so many people all filled with excitement to worship God was really the highlight of our visit to the church.

Besides being gifted as a worship leader, Jones is truly an amazing musician.  Check out this video of him playing sitar.  OK, now consider this: he claims he’s only “proficient” on the violin, guitar, and mandolin.  In his own words:

I can probably play any instrument I put my hands on within five minutes, but not well. I learned at an early age that music was basically scales, harmony and rhythm. As soon as I could pick up an instrument, I learned the scale on it and could quickly get something out of it. Although I feel I am only proficient on the violin, guitar, and mandolin basically. (read more here)

I only have one Leonard Jones for you today, but it’s an 18-minute jam session that will blow your mind.  Be sure to listen all the way to the end, after the applause dies down:

Oh, Jah! – Download – Stream


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