Sorry for the late post today.  I was up early this morning (1 am) filling in for a friend of mine on his paper route, so my life is a little off-kilter now.  I’ve never done a route before, and I told him I could handle both of his so he and his wife could go to Florida for a few days.  It’s a lot harder than I thought.

Anyway, let’s continue on with the Worship Wars!

I first heard today’s group, Merchant Band, play in Madison, Wisconsin, as part of a regional OneThing young adult conference put on by IHOP-KC.  No, not the pancake IHOP, the prayer IHOP.

The band is awesome.  Not amazingly new or anything, but just passionate worshipers who happen to also be solid musicians.  They remind me of a fresher, younger Delirious? before they became an icon.

Why is Merchant Band in the Worship Wars?  Because I think they’re one of the best, and least known, worship rock bands out there.  You’ve got your bands who do great hymns.  You’ve got your bands who do great acoustic worship.  You’ve got your bands who do great piano-driven meditations.

And you’ve got your thousands who try to do worship rock.

Merchant Band is doing what Chris Tomlin, Matt Redman, Delirious?, Tree 63, Sonic Flood, and all the other worship rock (or pop?) guys have done at times, but Merchant Band is doing it even better.  There’s more passion, more energy, more dynamics to the music… just more of all the stuff you want in worship rock.

Some of the lyrics are simple, but it’s worship music, so what do you expect?

When I listen to Merchant Band, I feel the same feeling I had when I first listened to Delirious?’s “Did You Feel the Mountains Tremble?”  Or when I first heard “Holy One” by SonicFlood.  There’s a sense of excitement, energy, and tension in the songs.  They’re not watered down or filtered through too much marketing, leaving all the worship sucked out.

Hope you enjoy these Merchant Band songs, and then go and buy a ton more:

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I Can’t Wait – Download – Stream


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