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You may never have heard of today’s artist, Aaron Strumpel, but some of you will be relieved to notice that his name looks a lot like that tasty breakfast delicacy, strudel.  I don’t know about you, but it sure makes me feel better.

Aaron Strumpel is one of those worship guys that you should know.  His songs are simple.  They’re heartfelt.  They’re real.  And they’re catching on with the emergent guys, which means Aaron’s only gonna get more and more popular.

I first did a post about Aaron Strumpel here, so I’m not gonna say a lot this time around.  Suffice it to say that you definitely need to check him out.

The album Chair and Microphone that he recorded with Enter the Worship Circle captures some of the simplest, most heartfelt cries for God amidst real life that I’ve heard in any worship songs.

Aaron doesn’t do super upbeat songs.  Nor does he do soaring anthems.  But his down-home, intimate cries for God amidst heartache show a quiet confidence and continual leaning on God, despite whatever may come.

There’s a quiet gentleness mixed with a firm resolve to see God’s beauty and goodness.  Through the songs, you see that he recognizes the pain and heartache, but he also finds himself staring directly into the quiet majesty of God, where the troubles don’t matter and all that lasts is God’s greatness.

Interestingly enough, Aaron Strumpel is losing some of his indie cred (in my book) and gaining some more hipster emergent cred by working with Brian McLaren on an album of songs relating to social justice.  Go here for more details.  I think the album will be worth checking out.  Here is a video of one of the songs, in case you’re interested.

Other than that, download these two songs from Aaron Strumpel that I recorded from his MySpace.  They’re low, MySpace quality sound, but excellent nonetheless:

Pain – Download – Stream
Twenty-Three – Download – Stream


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