While my head is still spinning (in good ways and bad) from a weekend retreat with our High School students, and my brain is still ticking through thoughts of pulling off a Christian indie festival in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, I thought it would be a good time to take a break from it all and talk about something much more calm.

Something easier.  Something tamer.

Worship music.  As far removed from Pete Townshend smashing his guitar on-stage with The Who as you can get (see pic).  Right?

Wrong.  Man, everybody’s got their opinions on what is acceptable and what is unacceptable when it comes to worship music.  Some swear by hymns.  Others complain if you do anything older than the late 90’s.  Others just want instrumental stuff, while next to them are the guys who cry out that it can’t be worship without words.  Some want everything on-key and beautifully arranged to usher in God’s presence, while others want their worship to be loud, sweaty, and raw.

Anyway, I’m gonna take a few posts (maybe a week or two) and talk about worship music, introduce you to some of my favorite worship bands, and even bring up some worship bands I don’t like who deserve recognition (cuz I’m nice like that).

Today, though, I wanted to ask you guys – when it comes to a list of great worship groups, who needs to be on the list?

Here are my handful, off the top of my head, with short descriptives:

Agents of Future: passionate, loud, and raw like real life
Psalters: middle-eastern, tribal, and real
The Listening: if Pink Floyd became a worship band
David Crowder: the perfect combination of weird/interesting and CCM singability
Robbie Seay Band: his voice, his bassist, his story-telling
This Beautiful Messs: beautiful, messy worship
Red Mountain Church: got me to appreciate hymns
Aaron Strumpel: simple and honest
Isa Couvertier: intimate, quiet worship songs
Misty Edwards: ranging from intense to intimate
The Campbell Brothers: masters of sacred steel
Merchant Band: they make worship music fun
Delirious?: how can these worship music forefathers not be on the list
Village Thrift: Enter the Worship Circle goes techno / dance
Keith Green: he makes every list of anybody in the Christian music world, by default
Chris Redman / Matt Tomlin: suffering from split personality disorder yet going on to write more worship songs than anybody ever in existence  (note: this is a joke)
Shane and Shane: great vocal harmonies and guitar work
Sons of Korah: it’s in the Psalm of your hand (note: this is a lame joke)

So who’s on your list of great worship groups?  While we’re at it, what makes a group a great worship band?