I wasn’t gonna do a post at all today, since I’m sick with a cold and have a ton of work to do, but I wanted to put this out because it’s something I’ve been thinking about recently.

I live in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, located right between Madison and Milwaukee, and not a lot goes on here, so I’ve been thinking how it would be awesome to organize a Christian indie music festival, getting together a lot of the bands I’ve come into contact with through The Blah Blah and elsewhere.

I think I could easily get at least a dozen groups to perform, and I’m sure I could get more once the word spreads.  We’d have cool workshops, your standard indie merchandise booths, food, etc.

I’m even thinking I might be able to raise enough money among local businesses and organizations to put it all on for free, or a least a reasonable cost.

The thing that’s holding me up right now is coming up with a cool name.  The church I’m a part of here put on Godstock back about 10 years ago, but that gives a different feel than I’m going for.  Tomfest out on the Pacific coast has a cool name.  Pitchfork down in Chicago has a cool name.  I’ll need a cool name here.

So, any artists out there who would want to come and perform or do workshops?  Anybody have ideas for cool names?  Anybody think they’d travel to Oconomowoc for a day or two of festivities?