dontbreakmyheart.jpgI got up an hour and a half ealier today to make a Valentine’s Day mix CD to post, filled with the ups and downs and inside-outs of love, the hopes, dreams, and fears that go with relationships, the triumphs and the heartaches.  It was gonna be a masterpiece.

But after all my listening, sorting, ordering, and creating, I have nothing to post because Internet Explorer has decided not to let me upload files, for whatever reason.

I guess I’ll try again tomorrow, after Valentine’s Day is over and the mix CD will be pointless, but for now, here’s the track list:

1. Steven Delopoulos – She Held My Hand
2. Bob Dylan – Girl from the North Country
3. Rosie Thomas – Say Hello
4. The Innocence Mission – Love That Boy
5. Destroy Nate Allen – Ambulance
6. Aaron Sprinkle – Really Something
7. Dave Thompson – Overboard Love Song
8. Michael Blair Project – Peace to You
9. Jesse Sprinkle – Sunsites
10. Bill Mallonee – Here Comes the Heartache
11. Don Peris – Catherine-Anne
12. Waterdeep – Diana
13. Fine China – Are You on Drugs?
14. Sufjan Stevens – The Mistress Witch from McClure
15. Relient K – Faking My Own Suicide
16. Ben and Bruno – New Friend

As you can see, it was gonna be an amazing CD exploring love in all its dimensions, so hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to upload the songs.  Come back then to check it out, and in the meantime, download the album cover above.

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