I did a post about the alt-folk electronica band Synthar way back here, and shortly afterward, I interviewed frontman Johnny Bertram, which you can read here.

Today, I’d like to introduce you to the solo music of Bertram himself, without the band backing him up.

I can’t say much that I didn’t say about Synthar, because it’s very similar, just with less snazzy sounds and beats whirling around and no subtle sci-fi theme.  Great lyrics all over again and solid musical backing.

If you read the interview with Johnny, you probably noticed that he distanced himself from Christianity.  I’m saying this as factual reality, not as a judgmental statement, so don’t read into what I’m saying.  Anyway, I enjoy his music, but don’t take his inclusion on The Blah Blah as a sign that he’s a Christian.  I think he’d probably say he’s not.

Check out the two songs I have below, and if you like what you hear, you can download both of his EPs (Live in My Bedroom and The Stag) in one zip file here.  I’m not sure why he decided to give it all away for free, but I think it’s an awesome idea.  He gets more fans and we get more music.

Like I said already, the music is great.  It’s mostly just Johnny singing over his guitar, but once in a while, you’ll hear shakers, a harmonica, tambourine, or even drums thrown in.  Johnny’s voice is great, albeit a little sad and distant sounding (which is all part of the style).  The lyrics are my favorite part, though.  Johnny’s got a way of telling a story through song and music that leaves you feeling like everything he’s singing about just happened to you.  All parts of the song–the rhythm, the key, the lyrics, the mood–join together to create a story that couldn’t be told any other way.  When you listen to his songs, you’re right there thinking every thought and feeling every word.

Here are two songs to check him out, but you can download the rest here:

Johnny Bertram – Lonesome Road (downloadstream)
Johnny Bertram – Hurricanes (downloadstream)

MySpace: www.myspace.com/johnnybertram
Website: www.johnnybertram.com

Download his EPs for free

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