I usually post music here that’s made by people who call themselves Christians, as far as I’m aware anyway.  This isn’t because I think Christians make better music (I wish) or because I think Christians should never listen to music by non-Christians (I’d be sad) or because Christian music inherently has a better message every time (it doesn’t).

This is just because there are very few sites doing this.  Few places exist that are exploring the indie side of music that Christians are making, so I decided to make one.  I like to support Christian artists because I think they deserve attention from the world, and I think fellow Christians want to know they’re out there.

Eugene Francis Jnr makes no claims to being a Christian, but I just love his music, so I made an exception (here) and today I’m making another.

Welshman Eugene Francis Jnr, who started life as Kris Williams, claims to be the son of an Inuit Eskimo and an Apache Indian.  Whether this is true or not, I have no clue, but his music definitely draws on these influences.  It’s a little odd at first to hear his very Welsh accent singing very American folk over music tinged with the Old West, but then it starts to take shape and become something really enjoyable.

Flavourpil Magazine put it this way: “Mining US folk and country roots, Francis pays homage to traditional American music albeit with an electronic twist here and there. Though the sound of these hills may be more Wichita than Wales, Francis’ instrumental mastery and poetic lyrics easily span the gap.”  Read more here.

I mentioned previously that EFJ is releasing an album at the end of April, but until then, he’s releasing one new song a week for free streaming or paid download here.  Listen to the song “Savour” to catch some of the country and folk influences.

Let me leave you with one little tidbit from his MySpace which I enjoyed. He says about himself: “I have a birthmark in the shape of a cross – which tempts me to believe I am religious, although my activities during 30.3 years of living have argued otherwise.”

I don’t wanna analyze this sentence too much, but besides being funny and honest (which are too rare in music I think), it’s really a great description of what being a Christian is and isn’t. Living for God means you live for Him (deep truth, huh?), not that you have a birthmark shaped like a cross.  Most people don’t say, “I have a birthmark in the shape of a cross.  I must be right with God,” but they do say, “I went to church on Easter, so I’m fine” or “I was raised in a good home, so I’m probably going to Heaven.”  The truth is that unless you’ve let God come and transform your heart, it doesn’t matter what’s on the surface, be it a birthmark, church attendance, or a good upbringing.  If you live your life like you’re not a Christian, stop kidding yourself and bringing a bad name to the rest of us – you’re not a Christian.  Just admit it and move on, and when you’re ready to repent and  serve God for real, then you can start calling yourself a Christian again.

Anyway, here is Eugene Francis Jnr’s first single “Poor Me,” which I think you’ll love:

Eugene Francis Jnr – Poor Me (downloadstream)

MySpace: www.myspace.com/eugenefrancisjnr

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