frenchmeninrome.jpgI just realized my post title sounds really weird.  “Frenchmen in Rome Making You Smile.”  Uh…

Anyway, I heard of the band Frenchmen in Rome not long ago, and I’ve been wanting to do a post for a while, but until now, the Christian Music Superbowl had been running my blogging life.  With that over (hope you had fun, by the way.  I loved it.), it’s time to get back into normalcy here at The Blah Blah with a post about Frenchmen in Rome.

Whew, long intro.

When I first listened to Frenchmen in Rome, I had mixed thoughts (not bad thoughts, just mixed).  They didn’t catch me right away.  After a few listens, though, I’m really getting into their upbeat mix of pop and electronic sounds.  If you’re looking for a new band that will do their best to make you smile as you listen to them, give these guys a look.

I don’t know a whole lot about Frenchmen in Rome, but what I do know is that the band consists primarily of Jack Four on guitar, bass, vocals, and synth, Jericho Jones on vocals, guitar, and synth, and Dave Hawkes on drums.  Together, they’re producing a sweet-sounding electronically-fused pop that I’m really enjoying.

You know how there’s some bands where you listen to ’em and you can feel the sadness?  You just know they’ve been through a lot of hurts and are sharing the pain in their songs.  Well, Frenchmen in Rome is not that.  I just feel good when I listen to their songs.

To be honest, I haven’t paid close enough attention to the lyrics, so they could be singing about death, destruction, and Biblical plagues, but I feel like they’re happy about it if they are.  The song “I Get Up” probably demonstrates this feel-goodness of their music the best.

Here’s what they say about themselves on their MySpace:

Jack Four and Jericho Jones are the founding members of Frenchmen in Rome. The Isles Wait is their debut cd. The music of Frenchmen in Rome is not all that hard to describe. According to Jack, their sound is an amalgamation of everything they have ever listened to. The listener will clearly appreciate an 80’s alternative vibe, with modern indie overtones.

Anyway, give ’em a listen, and be willing to listen again a few times if you don’t catch it right away.  And keep an eye out for their full-length album to make an appearance on iTunes soon.

Below are some of Frenchmen in Rome’s songs I enjoyed (especially “The Milkyway Lovesong”):

Frenchmen in Rome – The Milkyway Lovesong (downloadstream)
Frenchmen in Rome – Jane (downloadstream)


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