You have one more day to vote on Round 2, Group 3, but here are the bands for the final group in Round 2:

Anathallo – Cuckoo Spitting Blood (Download Streaming)
Agents of Future – Sewn in My Skin (Download Streaming)
Psalters – Hosanna (Download Streaming)
Vigilantes of Love – Tempest (Download Streaming)

Here are the six matches to vote on:

1) Anathallo vs. Agents of Future
2) Anathallo vs. Psalters
3) Anathallo vs. Vigilantes of Love
4) Agents of Future vs. Psalters
5) Agents of Future vs. Vigilantes of Love
6) Psalters vs. Vigilantes of Love

All votes must be received in the comments by 7:45 am CST on Saturday, February 2, 2008.

Official Links
Vigilantes of Love MySpace
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Anathallo MySpace
Buy Anathallo MP3s on iTunes
Buy Anathallo CDs at Amazon 

Psalters MySpace Page
Download Psatlers MP3s at Potter Street Records for free 

Agents of Future MySpace Page
Get MP3s on their site 

Note: All MP3s will be removed after one week