Sorry for the later post today… I blame the Packers, for losing to the Giants last night, and now the entire state of Wisconsin will be stuck in a deep depression until spring. Anyway, keep voting on Group 13, but if you’re ready here is Group 14 for Christian Music Superbowl I:

Sufjan Stevens – Casimir Pulaski Day
Pushstart Wagon – Paul
Ponoka – September
Starflyer 59 – Good Sons

Download the MP3s if you need ’em, but judge the artists and not just the song.

Here are the six matches to vote on:

1) Sufjan Stevens vs. Pushstart Wagon
2) Sufjan Stevens vs. Ponoka
3) Sufjan Stevens vs. Starflyer 59
4) Pushstart Wagon vs. Starflyer 59
5) Pushstart Wagon vs. Ponoka
6) Ponoka vs. Starflyer 59

Let the voting begin! All votes must be received in the comments by 8:00 am CST on Saturday, January 26, 2008.

Official Links
Sufjan Stevens Website
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Pushstart Wagon MySpace
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Ponoka MySpace
Buy MP3s on YouMakeMusic
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Starflyer 59 MySpace
Buy Starflyer 59 MP3s on iTunes
Buy Starflyer 59 CDs at Amazon

Note: All MP3s will be removed after one week