As promised, here is my final (for now) installment of the Defining Christian Music series, a list of links to relevant blog posts, articles, movies, sermons, and books on the topic.

If you know of any more, please add a link in the comments.  Some day, I will read all of these in one sitting, and my head will literally explode with all there is to know about “Christian Music.”  I’ll be sure to take a video and put it up on YouTube for everyone.

Without any further ado (What the heck is an ado?), here is the list you’ve all been waiting for:

Danielson: a Family Movie

Blog Posts
What Qualifies as Christian Music?
Paul Tillich’s Theology of Indie Rock
Worship Wars
Christian (Fill in the Blank)
Defining Christian Music (wow, a shameless plug for my blog on my blog)

Blog Posts by Brent at Colossians Three Sixteen
Who Says What’s Christian Music?
Who Says What’s Christian Music? (Part Two)
Misplaced Boundaries
“Engage” by Being
“Christian” Rock, Sincerity, and “Engage” by Being, Part Two
How to Think Biblically About Christian Music (posted at Said at Southern)

What is Christian Music? by Terry B. Ewell of West Virginia University
Defining? Or Discerning? by Russ Breimeier
Glimpses of God in Seven Swans by Andree Farias
God Music or Good Music? by Drew Dixon

Body Piercing Saved My Life by Andrew Beaujon
Simplicity by Mark Solomon
Walking on Water by Madeline L’Engle
Faith, God and Rock & Roll by Mark Joseph
Resounding Truth: Christian Wisdom in the World of Music by Jeremy Begbie

Cultural Evangelism: Acts 17 by Mike Feather (5-27-2007)

So, like I said, add your own links to books, articles, blogs, sermons, movies, whatever, as long as it’s related to defining “Christian” music.

Thanks for reading my posts, and I hope I provoked you to think of things in a new way, even if I left you as confused as myself on the subject.