Synthar.  I first heard about the band a few months or so ago and my first thought was, “Oh, great, not another band named after Godzilla’s famous winged arch-nemesis.”

Then, after racking my brain (read this) and realizing that there never was (but should have been) a Godzilla vs. Synthar movie, my second thought was, “With a name like a Godzilla enemy, I hope this isn’t so bad I lose control of my body functions.”  Or maybe something not quite so graphic popped through my head.

Either way, I didn’t expect much, but after listening to the album Evenings & Weekends, I’m very impressed.  With a sound that runs from dutch pop to new wave to electronic to a sort of synthesizer-heavy folk, Synthar has become a new favorite of mine.

Later this week, I’ve got an interview with lead singer and main lyricist Johnny Bertram lined up, but today I just wanted to introduce the band so you could prepare yourself for the interview (yeah, it’s that good).

Synthar is made up of Johnny Bertram of Jackson, MS, Matt Basinger of New York, NY, Andrew Best of Stanford, CA, and Joel Hartse of Shaoxing, China (honorable mention).  You might be asking yourself how they can be a band and also live scattered throughout the world.  The answer is simple.  Synthar is an “internet band.”  According to Wikipedia, “an internet band (also sometimes called a virtual band) is a musical group whose members collaborate online through broadband by utilizing a content management system and local digital audio workstations.”

Musically, their songs are great.  All their songs sound a little different, some more electronic, some more folky, but they all are heavy on the synthesizers.  The lyrics are generally very well-written and catchy, though a few songs are heavy on the futuristic, sci-fi themes, which I don’t care for as much.

So download a few songs and come back later this week for an interview with Johnny:

Synthar – Breathing for the First Time
Synthar – Small Coastal Towns


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