Sorry for the late post today.  Internet hassles…  Anyway,let’s get on with Group 7, shall we? Check out the official Superbowl I rules here if you need to, and your four artists are right here:

Mute Math – Typical
Psalters – El Elyon (live)
Menomena – Muscle ‘n’ Flo
David Crowder Band – You are My Joy

Here are your six matches to vote on:

1) Mute Math vs. Psalters
2) Mute Math vs. Menomena
3) Mute Math vs. David Crowder Band
4) Psalters vs. Menomena
5) Psalters vs. David Crowder Band
6) Menomena vs. David Crowder Band

And let the voting begin! All votes must be received by 11:30 am CST on Wednesday, January 9, 2008.

Official Links
Mute Math MySpace Page
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Psalters MySpace Page
Download Psatlers MP3s at Potter Street Records for free

Menomena MySpace Page
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Buy Menomena CDs at

David Crowder Band MySpace Page
Buy David Crowder Band MP3s in iTunes
Buy David Crowder Band CDs at

Note: All MP3s will be removed after one week