I’m ready to close (for now) my series on Defining Christian Music, with a few last posts to summarize where I’m at.  I definitely haven’t come to any real lasting conclusions, but I’ve realized a few things (I think).  I haven’t had the chance to research things like I really wanted to do, so I’ll probably revisit the topic at a later date, after I can read and think some more.

But, at this point, here’s a few things I do know:

1. Whatever the term “Christian Music” means or should mean, Marilyn Manson does not qualify.
2. The “Christian Music Scene” is a lot of times neither Christian nor musical.
3. Defining “Christian Music” opens up a whole lot of problems, and even more questions.
4. Phillips, Craig, and Dean are heretics, whether they make “Christian Music” or not. (I really enjoy picking on these guys, probably more than I should.)
5. Christianity encompasses all of life, not just the “hyper-spiritual” God moments, and music by Christians should reflect this.
6. “Rawk Fist” by Thousand Foot Krutch is no more Christian than “We Will Rock You” by Queen.
7. The “Christian Music Scene” is largely ineffective in reaching beyond the Christian culture.
8. Though I want to (and probably will) delete the terms “Christian Music” and “Christian Musician” from my vocabulary, I haven’t found satisfactory terms to replace them yet.
9. It was dumb to start the first Christian Music Superbowl at a time when I’ve decided to delete the term “Christian Music” from my vocabulary.
10. Every list needs at least 10 points to sound official.  See?  Adding this last point really made me sound important, didn’t it?

Next Thursday I’ll put up the final post on “Defining Christian Music” with a list of books, articles, sermons, videos, and blogs to check out, in case you’re interested in researching the topic a little more.