Continuing on with my series on Defining Christian Music, today, I want to look at what’s wrong with the term “Christian musician.”  This will be a short post, mostly questions, so be prepared to make up for its shortness by lots of comments.

This is something that really annoys me.  I get it that the term “Christian Music” is problematic, but why do so many artists have a problem with being called “Christian musicians?”

And I’m not just ranting either.  I really want to know why people have a problem with it.

I doubt a Buddhist who plays music for a living would be offended if I called them a Buddhist musician, yet many Christians who do the same react strongly against being called Christian musicians.  Why?  I honestly don’t get it.  If you’re a Christian and you’re making music, aren’t you a Christian musician?

Why are people so freaked out to be called “Christian musicians” or “Christian artists?”  I worked at a hotel in college and I wouldn’t have been offended to be labelled a Christian housekeeper.  However, I would have been pretty ticked if you called me a Christian maid.  Totally different territory there.

Please share your thoughts.  Does the term “Christian musician” need to be revised as well?  Are there good, logical reasons that people don’t like that label?