Keep voting on Group 3 until 7:00 am CST Wednesday, December 26, but when you’re done, Group 4 is below for your voting pleasure.  If you need them, the official rules are here, but things are pretty simple.  Just listen to the MP3s below if you’re unfamiliar with the artists, then vote on who you think is better for each of the one-on-one matches.

Anyway, here’s today’s four artists:

Lifehouse – The Joke
Waterdeep – And I Can’t Sleep
Colour Revolt – A New Family
The Listening – Be in Your Eyes

Download the MP3s if you need them, but judge the artist based on their entire work, not just the one MP3 here.  And here are your six matches:

1) Lifehouse vs. Waterdeep
2) Lifehouse vs. Colour Revolt
3) Lifehouse vs. The Listening
4) Waterdeep vs. Colour Revolt
5) Waterdeep vs. The Listening
6) Colour Revolt vs. The Listening

Vote away, and feel free to leave any comments on your reasoning!

All votes must be received by 7:00 am CST on Monday, December 31, 2007.

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Waterdeep MySpace Page
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Colour Revolt MySpace Page
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The Listening MySpace Page
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