Don’t worry – you can still vote on Group 2 until 7:30 am CST Monday, December 24.

I just wanted to get things rolling again, so you can also vote on this, Group 3.  For a quick rundown of the rules, in case this is your first time around, see here.  It’s pretty simple, though.  One vote per each one-on-one match.  There will be 6 matches between 4 artists.  Put your e-mail or WordPress ID in when you vote in the comments, or I’ll be forced to throw your vote out.  That’s about it.  Now, let’s vote!

Here are your four artists, with sample songs to help if you don’t know them that well:

Synthar – Small Coastal Towns
Leonard Jones – Oh, Jah! (file is 25 MB and 18 minutes long)
Woven Hand – Bleary-Eyed Duty
Jars of Clay – Jealous Kind

And here are the matches to vote on:

1) Synthar vs. Leonard Jones
2) Synthar vs. Woven Hand
3) Synthar vs. Jars of Clay
4) Leonard Jones vs. Woven Hand
5) Leonard Jones vs. Jars of Clay
6) Woven Hand vs. Jars of Clay

Please vote on the artist and not necessarily on the sample song.  Just use the song for what it’s worth.  It’s hard to pick one song that sums up an entire artist.

For those who haven’t voted yet, your votes can look something like this:

1) Synthar
2) Synthar
3) Jars of Clay
4) Leonard Jones
5) Jars of Clay
6) Woven Hand

Feel free to leave any comments you want.

All votes must be in by 7:00 am CST Wednesday, December 26.

Official Links
Synthar MySpace Page

Leonard Jones MySpace Page
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Woven Hand MySpace Page
Buy Woven Hand MP3s at iTunes
Buy Woven Hand CDs at Amazon

Jars of Clay MySpace
Buy Jars of Clay MP3s at iTunes
Buy Jars of Clay CDs at Amazon

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