Thanks, everyone, for voting on Group 1 last week.  Doug Burr was the obvious winner far and above all the competion.  Way to go Doug!

Now on to Group 2!  But first, a recap of the rules, in case you forgot any:

You are allowed only one vote per one-on-one match.  No unfairly voting numerous times for the person you want to win.

To vote, leave a comment with who you think should win each of the six face-offs below. Put in a valid e-mail when you leave your comment (or your WordPress ID). I won’t keep your e-mail or anything, but I need to do this in order to keep it a little more kosher.

You have 5 days (120 hours) to vote on the bands.  So if I put up a match on Friday at 7 am, then I will count the votes on the following Wednesday at 7 am. You have until that time to send in your vote.  All votes after that time will not be counted.

If there are no questions, here are your bands for this group, along with a sample song to help in voting:

Josh Clubb – Even There
Agents of Future – You Can Change My Mind
Robbie Seay Band – Jesus Garden of My Rest
Brooke Waggoner – listen at MySpace (she doesn’t like illegal downloading.  Weird…)

And here are the matches to vote on:

1) Josh Clubb vs. Agents of Future
2) Josh Clubb vs. Robbie Seay Band
3) Josh Clubb vs. Brooke Waggoner
4) Agents of Future vs. Robbie Seay Band
5) Agents of Future vs. Brooke Waggoner
6) Robbie Seay Band vs. Brooke Waggoner

Please vote on the artist and not necessarily on the sample song.  The song is there to help you with unfamiliar artists but not to make or break them, in case you love the band but hate the song I put up.

For those who haven’t voted yet, your votes can look something like this:

1) Josh Clubb
2) Josh Clubb
3) Brooke Waggoner
4) Robbie Seay Band
5) Agents of Future
6) Robbie Seay Band

Feel free to leave your comments and reasons for choosing, or shutting down, people.

All votes must be in by 7:30 am CST Monday, December 24.

Official Links
Agents of Future MySpace Page
Get MP3s on their site

Robbie Seay Band MySpace Page
Buy CDs on Amazon
Buy MP3s on iTunes

Brooke Waggoner MySpace Page
Buy MP3s on iTunes

Note: All MP3s will be removed after one week