Alright, ladies and gents, welcome to Christian Music Superbowl I.  Before the polls open, let’s review the rules:

Every match in the Superbowl (until the final pair-off on February 3) will consist of four opponents all competing head-to-head in six one-on-one matches of pure, solid, music mayhem.  You, the reader, will get to decide who wins.  I humbly suggest you judge the artists based principally on their music, but use whatever characteristics you want – looks, attitude, best useage of the word “sweater” (Go, mewithoutYou, go!).

You are allowed only one vote per one-on-one match.  For instance, in the face-off of Third Day versus Sufjan Stevens, you may only enter Sufjan Stevens once.  You may not enter Third Day.  Ha ha, a little indie music snob humor for ya’.  Anyway, you get the idea.  No unfairly voting numerous times for the person you want to win.

If you do decide to cheat, may God have mercy on your wretched soul as we all remember you fondly while reciting Revelation 21:8 at your funeral.

To vote, leave a comment with who you think should win each of the six face-offs. Please put in a valid e-mail when you leave your comment. No one will see your e-mail but me, and I won’t contact you unless I need to borrow five bucks.  Seriously, I’m too busy to figure out how to spam you or keep your e-mail permanently, so don’t worry about giving it away. If you don’t leave a valid e-mail address or a WordPress ID inputed, I will throw the vote away, to keep things as fair as possible.

The Superbowl is broken up into four phases.  The preliminary rounds, phase 1, will run through January 25.  During this phase, you will have 5 days (120 hours) to vote on the bands.  So if I put up a match on Friday at 7 am, then I will count the votes on the following Wednesday at 7 am. You have until that time to send in your vote.  All votes after that time will not be counted. Later phases will have shorter voting periods, but I’ll let you know those when you need to know them.

If there are no questions, let the voting begin!

Here are your first four mostly randomly-chosen contestants, and a sample song for each to help in the judging:

Tyler James – Stay Humble
Doug Burr – In the Garden
Eisley – My Lovely
Lovedrug – Pushing the Shine

And here are the matches to vote on:

1) Tyler James vs. Doug Burr
2) Tyler James vs. Eisley
3) Tyler James vs. Lovedrug
4) Doug Burr vs. Eisley
5) Doug Burr vs. Lovedrug
6) Eisley vs. Lovedrug

Please vote on the artist, not on the sample song.  The song is there just to help those who may not be familiar with the artists.  In case you’re having trouble figuring outhow to vote, you can just leave something like this:

1) Tyler James
2) Eisley
3) Love Drug
4) Doug Burr
5) Lovedrug
6) Eisley

Beyond that, feel free to leave your comments and reasons for choosing people.

All votes must be in by 7:30 am CST Wednesday, December 19.

Official Links
Tyler James MySpace Page
Tyler James Website
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Doug Burr MySpace Page
Doug Burr Website
Buy Doug Burr MP3s on iTunes
Buy Doug Burr CDs on Amazon

Eisley MySpace Page
Eisley Website
Buy Eisley MP3s on iTunes
Buy Eisley CDs on Amazon

Lovedrug MySpace Page
Lovedrug Website
Buy Lovedrug MP3s on iTunes
Buy Lovedrug CDs on Amazon

Note: All MP3s will be removed after one week