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After gathering all the submissions from fans and fellow Christian music enthusiasts, I have the final lineup for Christian Music Superbowl I.

Tomorrow the voting begins, but first, a word from your sponsor…

I got way too many recommendations of people and bands to include.  Everybody had great nominations, and I wanted to include them all (plus about 50 of my own), but I had to limit the total lineup to 64 so I could pull off the Superbowl in time, so I had to make some cuts.  I got hundreds of submissions, so chances are, not all the bands you asked to have included were included.

Here is the general theory behind the selections:  I asked Drop7, Colossians Three Sixteen, The Bored-Again Christian, and Ears to Hear to give me around 10 “official” submissions which I planned to keep in the final lineup.  I also allowed myself 10 submissions.  Getting rid of some overlap and accounting for a few extra submissions, we came to 49 “official” submissions and room for 15 others from readers and friends of mine.

For those 15, I tried to add in a few bands which I felt have made important contributions to “Christian Music,” despite the fact that few people nominated them.  This is why you’ll see bands like Newsboys, Audio Adrenaline, and Third Day in the lineup.  Few of my readers consider themselves fans of the more “normal” CCM bands, but since I felt they’ve made a significant mark in the world of Christian Music, I included them.  Besides, as much as I respect the major label bands, I thought it’d be fun to see Third Day get crushed by Agents of Future or Newsboys get stomped by Menomena.  Sort of a Revenge of the Nerds moment in the making.  All in good fun, though.

After adding in these “normal” bands, I tried to choose at least one submission from every person who contacted me, to spread the love a little.  This was only possible because there were so many overlaps with the “official” submissions.

Now, without any further ado, here is the Final Lineup, in no particular order:

Colour Revolt
Tyler James
Brooke Fraser
The Cold Comfort Band
Over the Rhine
Brooke Waggoner
Half-Handed Cloud
Keith Green
Brent Cashell
Homer Hiccolm and the Rocketboys
The Myriad
Starflyer 59
The Listening
Page France
Josh Clubb
Future of Forestry
Paper Route
This Beautiful Mess
Kids in the Way
Sufjan Stevens
Pushstart Wagon
Steven Delopoulos
The Tourist
Destroy Nate Allen
The David Crowder Band
John Davis
Vigilantes of Love/Bill Mallonee
Ester Drang
Deas Vail
Aaron Sprinkle
Ecstatic Sunshine
Edison Glass
Fine China
Third Day
Bodies of Water
Leonard Jones
The Brothers Martin
Audio Adrenaline
The Danielson Famile
Sleeping At Last
Jeremy Casella
Doug Burr
Agents of Future
Flatfoot 56
Jars of Clay
Derek Webb
Robbie Seay Band

This is the way things will be in the championship, unless I get an overwhelming response either for or against a certain band.

Voting starts tomorrow, so make sure you stop by for the first match!