Jill over at Ears to Hear has just sent in her “official” Supwerbowl I submissions!

I know very little about Jill’s podcast, but from the looks of it, it sounds incredible.  She takes her time, sifts through a lot of junk, and puts up only her favorite Christian artists, so you know you’re getting the best stuff and not a lot of filler.

I haven’t listened to any episodes yet, but since it was recommended to me by The Bored-Again Christian and Jill seems to really know what she’s talking about when it comes to music, I think I’ll become a regular listener, and I think you should too.

Here are Jill’s “official” submissions, most of them so obscure I don’t even know about them:
1. Lovedrug
2. Paper Route
3. Sleeping At Last
4. Jars of Clay
5. Brooke Waggoner
6. Lorien
7. Sufjan Stevens
8. Homer Hiccolm and the Rocketboys
9. Brooke Fraser
10. The Myriad
11. Edison Glass
12. Deas Vail

Keep the submissions coming in (here)!  Polls open this Friday!