More submissions have arrived for the first ever Christian Music Superbowl!

In the world of podcasts, there are few as good as The Bored-Again Christian.  Just Pete knows way more than you will ever know about music and has probably heard almost every artist you or I could name.  OK, that may not be true, but you owe it to yourself (because you’ve been such a good boy this year), to check his podcast out and hear some of the great music.  You’ve probably heard of some of the bands, but some will be totally new to you.

Anyway, Just Pete sent in these “official” submissions:
1. Tyler James
2. Page France
3. Half-Handed Cloud
4. Agents of Future
5. Brent Cashell
6. Anathallo
7. Menomena
8. Pushstart Wagon
9. Bodies of Water
10. Ecstatic Sunshine

Keep the submissions coming in (over here), and get ready for the face-offs to begin December 14th!