Drop7 was the site that first inspired me about doing an MP3 blog, but Colossians Three Sixteen has taken that inspiration and run with it.

Colossians Three Sixteen is not an MP3 blog, but every Friday, Brent posts poetry, photography, and music.  The poetry is good (I’m not much of a poem guy), the photography is excellent, and the music is always intriguing.  Brent has posted about a lot of amazing post-rock, neo-classical, instrumental groups you should check out, as well as a number of Christian musicians who use words.  It was at Colossians Three Sixteen that I first heard about Doug Burr, The Innocence Mission, Vigilantes of Love, As the Poets Affirm, Below the Sea, Explosions in the Sky, and Paavoharju, among others.

Like my first visits to Drop7, when I first went to Colossians Three Sixteen, I binged on the archived posts of neo-classical and instrumental bands, and I’m a regular visitor at least every Friday for the art and music, as well as irregular stops mid-week for the reviews, interviews, theology, history, and Bible discussions.

Head over to Colossians Three Sixteen for some good stuff every day of the week.

Here are Brent’s submissions:
1. Doug Burr
2. Jeremy Casella
3. Waterdeep
4. John Davis
5. Sufjan Stevens
6. Over the Rhine
7. Vigilantes of Love/Bill Mallonee
8. Danielson
9. Woven Hand/16 Horsepower/David Eugene Edwards
10. Derek Webb
11. Steven Delopoulos

Keep the rest of your suggestions coming for the Christian Music Superbowl I.  I’m planning to kick off the matches on Friday the 14th.