To garner support for the Christian Music Superbowl I, I asked a few people with a voice in the on-line world of Christian music to give me some submissions.

The first of these suggestions have arrived, from Jeff at Drop7.  I asked Jeff to give me some suggestions for artists to include because he, above anybody else, is the one who inspired me to start an MP3 blog of my own.  It was at Jeff’s blog that I first heard about Sufjan Stevens, Eisley, Aaron Sprinkle, Starflyer 59, and other groups I listen to all the time now.

When I first went to his website, I downloaded about a year of songs, and then everytime I went back, I delved further and further into his archive.

If you haven’t checked out Drop7 yet, do yourself a favor and pop over.  Jeff hasn’t done the whole MP3 blogging thing for a while now, but he’s got a lot of really great stuff in his archives, even some Christian disco from the 70’s.

Anyway, here are Jeff’s submissions:
1. Starflyer 59
2. Eisley
3. Aaron Sprinkle
4. The David Crowder Band
5. The Danielson Famile
6. Sufjan Stevens
7. The Brothers Martin
8. Fine China
9. MuteMath
10. Derek Webb

For the rest of you, keep leaving your own suggestions here, email, or do a post with your suggestions on your own blog and linking to me.  I’ll include as many of them as I can.