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Running an MP3 blog, I get people sending me music to review and promote all the time.  Some of it is great.  A lot of it is OK.  And some of it is really bad.

Today’s band, EPO-555, is none of those.  They’re a step or two above “OK,” but not quite at the “great” level yet.

The people in charge of their US marketing sent me their latest album, Mafia, to review and give my opinion of.  I never heard of the band before this album, so I can’t offer a very wide perspective, but I’ll give my humble opinions and you all can see what you think on your own by downloading the sample MP3s below.

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Polls are still open for Group 4, but if you’re done with all that, vote on Group 5 below.

Official rules are here if you need them.  Otherwise, here are your four artists for today:

Page France – Chariot
Third Day – Consuming Fire
The Myriad – Forget What You Came For
Jeremy Casella – The Space Between Living and Dying

Download the MP3s if you need them, but judge the artists, not just the songs above.

Here are your six matches to vote on:

1) Page France vs. Third Day
2) Page France vs. The Myriad
3) Page France vs. Jeremy Casella
4) Third Day vs. The Myriad
5) Third Day vs. Jeremy Casella
6) The Myriad vs. Jeremy Casella

And let the voting begin! All votes must be received by 7:00 am CST on Wednesday, January 2, 2008.

Official Links
Page France MySpace Page
Buy Page France MP3s on iTunes
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Third Day MySpace Page
Buy Third Day MP3s on iTunes
Buy Third Day CDs on

The Myriad MySpace Page
Buy The Myriad MP3s on iTunes
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Jeremy Casella MySpace Page
Buy Jeremy Casella MP3s on iTunes
Buy Jeremy Casella CDs on

Note: All MP3s will be removed after one week

Continuing on with my series on Defining Christian Music, today, I want to look at what’s wrong with the term “Christian musician.”  This will be a short post, mostly questions, so be prepared to make up for its shortness by lots of comments.

This is something that really annoys me.  I get it that the term “Christian Music” is problematic, but why do so many artists have a problem with being called “Christian musicians?”

And I’m not just ranting either.  I really want to know why people have a problem with it.

I doubt a Buddhist who plays music for a living would be offended if I called them a Buddhist musician, yet many Christians who do the same react strongly against being called Christian musicians.  Why?  I honestly don’t get it.  If you’re a Christian and you’re making music, aren’t you a Christian musician?

Why are people so freaked out to be called “Christian musicians” or “Christian artists?”  I worked at a hotel in college and I wouldn’t have been offended to be labelled a Christian housekeeper.  However, I would have been pretty ticked if you called me a Christian maid.  Totally different territory there.

Please share your thoughts.  Does the term “Christian musician” need to be revised as well?  Are there good, logical reasons that people don’t like that label?

Keep voting on Group 3 until 7:00 am CST Wednesday, December 26, but when you’re done, Group 4 is below for your voting pleasure.  If you need them, the official rules are here, but things are pretty simple.  Just listen to the MP3s below if you’re unfamiliar with the artists, then vote on who you think is better for each of the one-on-one matches.

Anyway, here’s today’s four artists:

Lifehouse – The Joke
Waterdeep – And I Can’t Sleep
Colour Revolt – A New Family
The Listening – Be in Your Eyes

Download the MP3s if you need them, but judge the artist based on their entire work, not just the one MP3 here.  And here are your six matches:

1) Lifehouse vs. Waterdeep
2) Lifehouse vs. Colour Revolt
3) Lifehouse vs. The Listening
4) Waterdeep vs. Colour Revolt
5) Waterdeep vs. The Listening
6) Colour Revolt vs. The Listening

Vote away, and feel free to leave any comments on your reasoning!

All votes must be received by 7:00 am CST on Monday, December 31, 2007.

Official Links
Lifehouse MySpace Page
Buy Lifehouse MP3s on iTunes
Buy Lifehouse CDs on

Waterdeep MySpace Page
Buy Waterdeep MP3s on iTunes
Buy Waterdeep CDs on

Colour Revolt MySpace Page
Buy Colour Revolt MP3s on iTunes
Buy Colour Revolt CDs on

The Listening MySpace Page
Buy The Listening MP3s on iTunes
Buy The Listening CDs on

Note: All MP3s will be removed after one week

I thought this would make a great Christmas Eve post!  Todd Fadel of Agents of Future sent me an e-mail the other day with a compilation he made up with some of the best tracks from 1996’s It Never Snows on Christmas, an album from way back in 1996 of some of the best Portland, Oregon, bands at the time.

Why the name It Never Snows on Christmas?  Because, says Todd, it never has snowed on Christmas day in Portland, for as long as he can remember.

Here’s what Todd says about the mix: “The songs are fun.  Stereo Crush’s singer now leads a project called Boy Eats Drum Machine (which includes looped drums from Danny Seim of Menomena and Kevin Robinson of Viva Voce). Pep Squad is a band that was on Tooth and Nail for a couple of releases in 1997-1998.  My band, Sappo, was on Organic Records in 1997, and the All*Stars featured singers from local bands Yum Yum Children, Gifty, Brothers and Sisters of Righteousness, and Jimi Dorsey and the Lime Rickies.”

Click here for a zip file of Todd’s best-of compilation, or for the full album, go here.  You can listen on-line or to download the songs, just create a free account.

Don’t worry – you can still vote on Group 2 until 7:30 am CST Monday, December 24.

I just wanted to get things rolling again, so you can also vote on this, Group 3.  For a quick rundown of the rules, in case this is your first time around, see here.  It’s pretty simple, though.  One vote per each one-on-one match.  There will be 6 matches between 4 artists.  Put your e-mail or WordPress ID in when you vote in the comments, or I’ll be forced to throw your vote out.  That’s about it.  Now, let’s vote!

Here are your four artists, with sample songs to help if you don’t know them that well:

Synthar – Small Coastal Towns
Leonard Jones – Oh, Jah! (file is 25 MB and 18 minutes long)
Woven Hand – Bleary-Eyed Duty
Jars of Clay – Jealous Kind

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Back again with another post on Defining Christian Music!

Check out my previous posts to get up-to-date, but basically I’ve decided that I don’t like the term “Christian Music.”  There are a lot of things that bother me about it, but my main reason for not liking it is that it implies the music is not only by Christians (which I’m fine with) but also exclusively for Christians (which I’m not fine with).  So, I don’t like the term as it is, and this post is about what to do about it.

I know it’s sort of dumb to be deciding I don’t want to use the term “Christian Music” anymore right in the midst of Christian Music Superbowl I, but, like I said, I don’t like it but I need to figure out what to do about that.

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Thanks, everyone, for voting on Group 1 last week.  Doug Burr was the obvious winner far and above all the competion.  Way to go Doug!

Now on to Group 2!  But first, a recap of the rules, in case you forgot any:

You are allowed only one vote per one-on-one match.  No unfairly voting numerous times for the person you want to win.

To vote, leave a comment with who you think should win each of the six face-offs below. Put in a valid e-mail when you leave your comment (or your WordPress ID). I won’t keep your e-mail or anything, but I need to do this in order to keep it a little more kosher.

You have 5 days (120 hours) to vote on the bands.  So if I put up a match on Friday at 7 am, then I will count the votes on the following Wednesday at 7 am. You have until that time to send in your vote.  All votes after that time will not be counted.

If there are no questions, here are your bands for this group, along with a sample song to help in voting:

Josh Clubb – Even There
Agents of Future – You Can Change My Mind
Robbie Seay Band – Jesus Garden of My Rest
Brooke Waggoner – listen at MySpace (she doesn’t like illegal downloading.  Weird…)

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blahchristmas2007_big.jpgIn the spirit of the holiday season, today I offer to you the first ever mix CD at The Blah BlahHave a Blah Christmas, 2007.  I’ve never been a huge fan of Christmas music, but I like it a lot better in December than in October, and I like all the songs in this mix a lot. To download the album art, just right-click on the picture to the left and select “Save Target As.”  To download the songs, do the same with the links below.

1. Jars of Clay – Love Came Down at Christmas
2. Destroy Nate Allen – Holiday
3. Sufjan Stevens – Come on! Let’s Boogey to the Elf Dance!
4. Phantasmic – Come On Ring Those Bells
5. Half-Handed Cloud – Plant a Little Fir Tree
6. Don Peris – Silent Night
7. Friction Bailey – Angels We Have Heard on High
8. The Lighthouse Band – O Holy Night
9. Poor Old Lu – What Child is This
10. Soul-Junk – Dayspring from On High

Hope you like these!  Head to the artists’ MySpace for more.

MySpace Pages:
Jars of Clay
Destroy Nate Allen
Sufjan Stevens
Half-Handed Cloud
Don Peris
Friction Bailey
The Lighthouse Band
Poor Old Lu

The Blah Blah – serving up the best in Christian music MP3s.

Steve and Joy GuilesI apologize for the tiny photo of Steve and Joy Guiles to the left.  I’m not positive, but I think that, in real life, they are actually taller.

Anyway, I heard about Steve Guiles just recently, and I wanted to pass him along to you guys.  Steve has been recording music for a while now, with various groups and under various names.  As Friction Bailey, it’s Steve and his wife Joy pulling off some folky, acoustic pop stuff.  As Pushstart Wagon, it’s Steve, Eric Shouse, and Ben Eggehorn doing power pop, college rock kind of songs.  As The Vegas Nerve, it’s Steve and a bunch of his college friends.  As Steven Wesley Guiles, it’s… uh… Steve.

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