The Blah Blah is back after a short break! I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving, but let’s get on with the music!

Die-hard country fans would probably stone me for saying that Doug Burr is country, but I’m not usually a country fan, so I think I can get away with it.

I shouldn’t say I’m not usually a country fan. More what it is is I’m very particular about the country music I like.  I love Johnny Cash.  I love old Hank Williams Sr.  I love William Elliott Whitmore.  I even like some Willie Nelson and Hank Williams Jr. if you catch me on the right day.

And I love Doug Burr’s music.  Call it country, folk, indie, americana… I don’t care, cuz I’m too busy enjoying it to wonder what genre it falls under.  Doug Burr is one of those artists that I liked as soon as I heard (which is rare) and that I’ll probably like for the rest of my life.

I first heard of Doug Burr at Colossians Three-Sixteen.  Read Brent’s excellent review of the album On Promenade here or read his interview with Doug Burr here.

Since Brent did such a great job on those posts above, I’m not going to say much about Doug Burr here.  His music is alt country, but, like I said, I’m not usually a country fan, so you don’t have to be either.  He takes everything I like about country music – the real people, the story telling, the down-home feel, the rootsy sound – and combines it with very modern elements to get something really unique and engaging.

He currently seems to be playing shows mostly around Texas with a revolving band that at times consists of Glen Farris, Todd Pertll, Eric Neal, Danny Balis, and Todd Unruh.  So if you live in Texas, check out one of his shows.  I hear they’re just amazing.

Enjoy these two songs from Doug Burr.  The second is a recording from MySpace, so it’s pretty low quality but still a great song.

Dark as the Night
Slow Southern Home


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