A few weeks ago, I featured Don Peris’ wife Karen in the Girls of Christian Indie series.  You can read about her here.  Today, in case you haven’t read the title of the post, I’m featuring Don Peris himself.

When I first heard The Innocence Mission, I instantly fell in love with Karen’s voice and everything else about the band sort of fell into the background.  I figured the reason she sang and fronted the band was probably because no one else in the group had as much to offer.

So when I found out that Don Peris, who provides guitar for The Innocence Mission, had three of his own solo CDs out, I figured I’d like it, but I didn’t know how much.  I thought I’d surely never like his solo stuff as much as the band’s stuff.  I was wrong.

The more I listen to Don Peris’ songs, the more I like him as an artist.  Listening to his soft voice is almost like listening to the male version of Karen Peris’ whispery vocals.  It’s really weird how the music, singing, and even lyrics are so similar to his wife’s work with The Innocence Mission, and I don’t mean that in a bad way.  It’s not like he’s copying her style.  His stuff is different enough and you can tell it’s straight from his heart.  I just think it’s interesting how two people who are married can have very similar and complimentary styles of making music.

Anyway, to get on with Don Peris himself, he’s released three solo albums: Ten Silver Slide Trombones, the mostly instrumental Go When the Morning Shineth, and the all instrumental Christmas album Brighter Visions Beam Afar.  Besides doing guitar and vocals for The Innocence Mission, he’s also provided some guitar for Dennison Witmer and produced some of his albums.

Listen closely to what he’s doing on guitar in the songs I’ve uploaded.  He’s really good.

Today, you get three mp3s of Don Peris?  Why so much generosity?  Mostly because I really like the first two songs (Firefly and Help Me Out), but I wanted to make sure you got to hear his instrumental stuff, so I stuck Glimmer up there too:

Help Me Out

Website: www.donperis.com
MySpace: www.myspace.com/donperis

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