Destroy Nate Allen

I found Destroy Nate Allen one day a while back while looking for new bands at the website for Tomfest, that Christian indie festival out in Washington. If you’re in the area of Camas, check out their 2008 festival next August.  It’s sure to be awesome.

Anyway, so I found Destroy Nate Allen and when I went to his website I saw this notice: “Welcome to my new and improved website. I spent the last 6 months on the road. I am finally home and ready to relax. To celebrate the return to a day job for the winter, and the three year anniversary of playing solo, I have decided to put up most of my recorded history for your downloading pleasure.”

You heard that right.  All of his 10 solo albums and 2 punk band albums are there for your downloading pleasure.  Nobody does that.

Destroy Nate Allen’s style of music is not for everyone.  He’s sort of like if Green Day and the Violent Femmes got together, started having kids, and one of them liked to play David Bazan-influenced acoustic shows under the moniker Destroy Nate Allen.  It’s acoustic punk rock, with singable songs, fun choruses, and pretty simple dynamics, with Nate Allen’s distinct (nice wording, eh?) voice over it all.  His voice isn’t bad, but it’s definitely not one of those “good” voices out there.  Hence the Violent Femmes comparison.

Destroy Nate Allen is, surprisingly enough, a man called Nate Allen.  He’s dedicated to his music and the DIY attitude of indie and punk music.  As stated in a review at scenepointblank here, “It’s impossible to deny Allen’s love and dedication to his music and his sacrifices to share it with others.”  He worked at a grocery store bagging groceries during the day and recorded songs all night.  When he saved up enough money, he hit the road on a national tour.  Now he’s done touring for a while and gettin’ married, but that’s another story (which you can find here).

Most of Destroy Nate Allen’s songs are pretty simple songs about regular life, doubts, hopes, dreams, etc.  In the same review previously mentioned, the writer states, “Allen plays a simple and ordinary form of folk music, ditching the politics and settling for an acoustic guitar and songs of the everyday man.”  It’s not complex stuff you have to think too hard about.  His songs are instantly singable.

In a world of music that is becoming more and more complex, many times to good results, Destroy Nate Allen is pulling back and providing something closer to the roots of punk and folk.

Here are two songs I got from his website.  The first is from the album Awake, Oh Sleeper and the second from Take it Easy, and I hope you like them.  Be sure to go to his website and download other songs:

Don’t Walk Away
All Shall Be Well


Sorry, but you can’t buy his music anywhere.  You’ll have to go to his website to get it for free.

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