Damien JuradoToday marks the first appearance of a techno / trance group on The Blah Blah.  Here at The Blah Blah we’re always branching out into new territory and covering music that others fear to even consider.  It’s hard work, but somebody’s gotta do it.

To the left, you see a photo of the McNamara Terminal of Detroit Metro Airport.  As you walk the terminal, colored lights pulse and shimmer to the beat of ambient electronic music.  Watch a really long video of it here.

The reason you’re seeing Detroit Metro Airport is because I was unable to find any photos of Tek^tonik on-line.  In fact, I could find very little about them on-line, but what I could find I’ll let you in on.

Tek^tonik, who has a really hard-to-type name due to the ^ inserted in the middle, is Robbie Bronnimann and Andy Ross, both from the UK.  My wife found them on e-music while searching for Christian techno.

Describing themselves on their website, they state: “Tek^tonik takes you on a journey of sophisticated dance grooves over an ever changing sonic landscape. The tracks have the common theme of subtle shifting layers & abstracted vocals set against a backdrop of dance energy.”

Sounds good to me.

Besides being in Tek^tonik creating electronic music, the both Andy and Robbie have worked on producing a number of albums.  Most notably, Robbie just finished producing Andy Hunter’s new album Colour, due out digitally in December through iTunes.

Sorry I don’t have more info for you, but all you really want is the MP3s anyway, right?  These are two of my favorite songs from the Red EP:


Website: www.tektonik.org.uk
MySpace: www.myspace.com/robbiebronnimann

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