A guest post from Nahar Mama:  I’m not really sure how I first heard about Sarah Masen, but she was one of the first Christian artists I picked up after becoming a Christian myself. I’d always been into acoustic/folk sort of music, so she fit right into my collection. Listening to her now, I have a hard time seeing her music as Christian music; she’s more of a Christian (I think) that writes songs about life. I guess that makes her fit right in with the whole “Christian indie” scene.

Sarah did not start out totally indie; her first albums were put out by the re:think label and her 2001 “The Dreamlife of Angels” was put out by Word. She has just completed three EPs and is releasing them independently, handmaking all the cover jackets herself. These three are called “Women’s Work is Alchemy,” “Magic that Works,” and “A History of Lights and Shadows.” [Editor’s note: Creeeepy.] You can listen to all of them in streaming audio here.

Sarah is from Detroit, but lives in Nashville now with her husband, whom she calls her “partner” and three kids. Her MySpace page talks about her family a lot, but there is little mention of God, and even then He is mentioned as little-g god. I know, I’m not in position to judge a person’s heart or character, but that just seems a bit off to me. Maybe she’s like a lot of other “Christian artists,” who want to be accepted for their music and not their Christian music. Who knows. But I still really dig her music a lot; it’s very poetic and filled with stories of people and situations–just real. Here’s how Steve Stockman describes her in Walk On:The Spiritual Journey of U2:

“Where Masen stands apart is in her literary approach to songwriting. She is a young woman in love with words, ideas, imagination. She has a God-given ability to express the light and the dark, and the shades where we all walk in between… Her songs are dangerous because they’re honest, and auspicious because they’re drenched in grace.”

Some songs for everyone:

We are a Beginning

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