In my on-going quest for good Christian music to list on The Blah Blah, I stumbled onto the site IndieHeaven recently.  Like you’re probably thinking, I thought, “Sweet!  A networking source for Christian indie artists who are making cutting edge music that is breaking out of molds!”  I thought I’d found the utopia of Christian music, the only site I would ever have to go to for new stuff.

Well, it’s not a utopia, but it’s worth a look.  The site is really slick and you’ll probably find a band or two that you like.  It just might end up taking you a few hours of digging through all the stuff that you’ve heard before.  I’ve got a unique taste in music (some might call it bizarre, but I go for the positive), and I get tired of stuff that sounds too much like it could be played on the radio (or like it has been played on the radio for the past 10 years), so it was hard for me to find stuff I enjoyed.  (I apologize for the obsessive use of parentheses in the preceeding paragraph.  It was completely uncalled for.)

This will sound really weird, but if you love mainstream Christian bands, then check out IndieHeaven.  Most of the groups I found seemed to be independent bands copying mainstream Christian sounds, which is great if you want that or really sad if you’re like me.

Anyway, on the positive side, the site is full of thousands of independent Christian bands.  You can read band bios, check out photos, preview songs, and even download MP3s for $0.99.  They’ve got everything from reggae, to worship, to rock, to folk, to funk, and on and on.

One band you should check out is Rufus Tree.  They’re not amazing but I kinda’ like them.  The coolest thing to me is that they live about 15 minutes from where I’m sitting at this moment.  Now, if that’s not a reason to support a band, I don’t know what is!  They remind me a lot of the old band Breathing Machine if you were around at all during their heyday.

Other than that, do your own digging.  I found some other really good folk-rock guys and a few great worship bands, but they all sounded too CCM for me to wholeheartedly recommend.