The RagbirdsI hope you enjoyed your weekend, but now it’s back to work with day four (and week two) of “Girls of Christian Indie.” Be sure to check out previous posts on Lori ChafferKaren Peris, and Misty Edwards.

So who do we have for you all today?  None other than that crazy world, folk, tribal, roots rock group The Ragbirds, of course!  This group is an eclectic mix of music, merging styles ranging from traditional folk to Irish, to rock, to world, to roots, to African, to Afro-Cuban, to Indian, to gypsy…  You’ll hear guitar, banjo, violin, djembe, accordion, mandolin, piano, drumset, bass, congas, harmonica, and other random instruments.

I seem to have been doing a lot of world folk gypsy type bands lately, but oh well…

The Ragbirds, coming from Ann Arbor, Michigan, consist of Erin Zindle, Randall Moore, Matthew Melody, Tim Dziekan, and Dan Hildrebrandt.  The backbone of the band is Erin and Randall, but everybody contributes with a zillion different instruments.

From the band’s MySpace:

The Ragbirds began with songwriter and vocalist Erin Zindle and percussionist Randall Moore in their search to create fresh original songs sprouting out of their love for world music and their desire to weave these distant sounds into more familiar genres. With the addition of guitarist/vocalist Matthew Melody, bassist Dan Hildebrandt, and percussionist Tim Dziekan, who share the vision of creating honest, creative music combining these global and local elements, The Ragbirds fully realized their sound. Zindle leads the stage with a bright, energetic presence and four to five instruments interchanging skillfully in her hands, while she sings her charms.

… The Ragbirds can be seen performing all over the Mid-West music scene, spreading in ever widening circles throughout Michigan, Ohio, New York, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Minnesota and beyond, stirring up a buzz everywhere they go. They can be heard on local and Mid-West radio and read about in numerous papers and online reviews. Their unique fusion of roots folk, world groove, and pop sensibility gets audiences of all ages and sizes up and dancing.

The Ragbirds use many traditional folk instruments including violin, guitar, mandolin, banjo, accordion, piano and harmonica. But this folky root is firmly embedded in the soil of rhythm, ancient and new, incorporating African poly-rhythms and Afro-Cuban tumbaos, over sometimes rock, hip-hop or reggae style drum-kit. Melodic lines are often built of ethnic scales and techniques, sometimes Celtic in style, sometimes Gypsy, or Latin, or African, and there is an improvisational element to the songs that keeps them fresh. In live performances, the band incorporates variations on traditional African drum pieces, each member trading their instrument for a nearby hand drum. They have a strong belief in the beauty of poetry and positive music, and the power of dance-able rhythm.

That’s probably information overload already, but if you want to read an interesting interview with Erin Zindle about her faith, her music, and her life, go here

Anyway, here’s some songs for ya’ll, and you can download more on their website if you like ’em:

Door in the Wall
Love’s Great Joke

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