Misty EdwardsHere we are on Day Three of “Girls of Christian Indie,” what’s becoming a two-week look at… some girls of Christian indie music.  We’ve already looked at Lori Chaffer and Karen Peris, so today, to switch it up a little bit, I give you Misty Edwards.

Misty Edwards is a worship leader coming out of IHOP (the International House of Prayer, not Pancakes) in Kansas City, not a 3rd grade teacher or a senior airman in Iraq.  In case you were wondering.  (Note: I found these pictures of other Misty Edwardses when I searched for the real Misty Edwards who is featured in this post here.)

Yes, she is a worship leader, and a very good one at that, in my opinion.

Misty Edwards grew up in a musical home and has been writing songs since she was sixteen.  She joined the International House of Prayer in Kansas City at its inception in 1999 to lead worship and train worship leaders.  She’s been with them ever since.  She has an obvious passion for God that carries over in her music.  In fact, she’s one of the few women worship leaders that I really enjoy on a consistent basis.  I have nothing against them; it’s just that I haven’t come across a ton that I consistently want to listen to.  Misty’s fellow IHOP-er (or is it IHOP-ist?) Isa Courvertier is one of the other women worship leaders that I really like.

Anyway, Misty plays keyboards and sings on the album, Francisco Arteaga plays drums, Cassie Campbell handles bass guitar, David Brymer is on acoustic guitar and backup vocals, and Isaac Meyer and Adam Sniegowski play electric guitar.  The two electric guitars give a real dynamic feel to the music, and Cassie Campbell is one of the most fun bassists to watch play.  She’s just danged good.

Musically, her songs are pretty intense and dynamic.  They’re not happy-go-lucky fun worship songs.  Nor are they usually quiet, sweet, and intimate.  Or loud, explosive arena rockers.  There’s a seriousness and an intensity to the music, like she’s restlessly striving for a deeper understanding of God.  Sometimes, the intensity gets overbearing, because there’s a time for just chilling with God or being joyfully content where you are, but it’s different from most worship music out there, so I like that.  And you can see she puts her whole heart into the songs.

All Misty Edwards cares about is God, which I think is totally awesome.  Says she on her MySpace page: “I have a great desire to see the knowledge of God flood this generation. I mean the real knowledge of God, not the distant Sunday School version but the true encounter with the Uncreated. I have devoted my life to searching Him out through His Word, prayer and fasting, and to ask Him to reveal Himself in my day and time. There’s no other point for my existence but to touch the Transcendent.”

I stole all my info from her MySpace page or this site on IHOP, in case you wanted to read more, or make sure I wasn’t lying.

Have fun with these Misty Edwards songs:

I Will Run
Favorite One

Website: www.mistyedwards.tv
MySpace: www.myspace.com/mistyedwards

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