Peep in ParisThe peep vacationing in Paris you see at the left has nothing to do with today’s artist Josh Clubb.  I just can’t find any downloadable pictures of him anywhere on-line, so instead of a picture of Mr. Clubb you get a way more attractive picture of this nice yellow peep.  You can go here to see other adventures this little guy has been on.

There’s very little on-line about Josh Clubb, but if you really need a photo of him, you can check one out at InAwe Music.  He’s also got a nice bio and some free songs to download.

I found Josh Clubb one day a month or so ago by accident.  I was looking for new worship music, trying to see what’s good out there, when I stumbled onto him.  I downloaded his music and thought, “Not bad,” and now I’m hooked.

Josh Clubb is a police officer and worship leader at his church in California.  At the end of his list of musical influences at InAwe Music, he lists “that guy in the back row of my church who can’t sing at all but does so really loud!”  That’s awesome.

He sounds a lot like your standard better-than-average worship leader.  I’m not sure why I like him, because there’s nothing all that new or amazing on the outside.  He’s just a good, solid worship leader with some good, solid praise and worship songs.  He’s not amazingly creative or new in how he does things, but he’s far from dated and cheesy too.  If he were leading worship in my church, I think I’d be plenty happy.  He’ll probably never do any professional records, but I’d snatch them up if he did.

Anyway, here are two of Josh Clubb’s songs, and if you want more, go to InAwe Music:

Even There
I’ll Follow You Blind

Hope you enjoy these, and come back next week for more Christian indie music fun.

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