Derek WebbA Christian with balls?  Can I say that?  Of course I can!

Fun anecdote: Back when I was in college, I helped design some posters for the church I was involved with.  For one of them, all I did was write “Leviticus 21:17-20.  We’ve Got Balls” and then the church address and meeting times.  Since you probably don’t know the reference, click here to read it.  I apologize for any psychological damage, nightmares, or embarrassing wimpers that may result from reading the verses.

Anyway, we had a pretty split crowd regarding the poster.  People either loved it or  hated it.

People give the same reaction to Derek Webb.  Either you love what he has to say or you hate it.

Regardless of my amazing poster ideas, I stole the line about Derek Webb’s anatomical correctness from an article about him here.  It’s a good article, so check it out.

Derek Webb, of Caedmon’s Call fame, is a Christian musician who’s got some guts, speaking out against sin, injustice, greed, hypocrisy, and all the other things that Jesus wailed on the religious guys for.  He also speaks out against some things Jesus didn’t seem to have a problem with, but it’s still cool to hear a voice out there with an opinion.

 I first heard of him because of his song “Wedding Dress,” which got a lot of press for using the word “whore” to describe a hypocritical Christian.  I don’t want 2-year-olds across the nation to start calling everybody whores, but the description does work pretty well.

If you’re a Christian, you’re supposed to do what Christ did.  Hence the “Christ” in “Christian.”  I know this is deep, but bear with me.  If you call yourself a Christian but aren’t following God and living like Jesus, then it’s like the man who asks his girlfriend to marry him and she says, “Yes, but on the condition that I can have one day every year where I just go do my own thing.  I can run off, get drunk, and sleep around with whoever I want.  For all the other days, though, I’ll be totally faithful.”  The word whore fits pretty good.

Anyway, here are two of my favorite songs from Derek Webb:

Wedding Dress


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