Relient KContinuing on with “I Heard it on the Radio Week,” today, we’ll look at a band I got into early on in their career but mostly ignored more recently – Relient K!  Relient K is one of those great happy pop-punk bands with catchy lyrics and a humorous look on life.  Who else but Relient K would release songs with names like “I’m Lion-O,” “Maybe it’s Maybeline,” and “Crayons Can Melt on Us For All I Care?”

Relient K’s current band line-up consists of Matt Thiessen (vocals, guitar, piano), Matt Hoopes (guitar, vocals), Dave Douglas (drums, vocals), John Warne (drums, vocals), and John Schneck (guitar, banjo, bells, vocals).

In the vast mix of pop-punk bands, what sets Relient K apart is definitely their sense of humor.  Unfortunately, they started getting more serious with recent albums, but they haven’t totally given up all their wit and sarcasm.

I don’t feel like going into great detail about their history, little-known facts, etc., but if you want to know that kind of stuff, you can go here.  I will give you a few interesting tidbits, however:

  • If you’re an astute reader, you’ll notice that Relient K’s name isn’t spelled like the famous Plymouth Reliant K.  Supposedly, the band feared that if they took the same name as the car, they’d be infringing on copyright restrictions, so they misspelled it.

  • Toby McKeehan (tobyMac of dcTalk) is the guy who first signed Relient K to a record deal with Gotee Records, after hearing their demo.

  • Matt Thiessen has a side project he’s done since 1998 called Matt Thiessen and the Earthquakes.  One of their piano-driven rock songs, “Faking My Own Suicide,” appeared on the latest Relient K album.

  • Dave Douglas has two side projects: punk rock outfit Agnes and indie rock duo (with his wife) Gypsy Parade.  Both are worth listening to.

  • The band, while made up of Christians who write some explicitly Christian songs, has taken a lot of flack from the Christian music world for not being “Christian enough” and moving to a secular label.  As Christians, we can be pretty retarded sometimes…

Alright, so check the band out if you haven’t already.  They’re happy, funny, energetic, witty, and other qualities you’d find in a well-adjusted punk group:

Sadie Hawkins Dance (possibly their all-time best song ever)
Devastation and Reform


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