LifehouseWoohoo!  WordPress has fixed all the issues affecting the blog, as far as we can tell anyway.  🙂  Wordpress techs are awesome!

Anyway, we’re gonna totally switch gears this week and for the next 7 days we’ll be covering some of the popular Christian rock groups that you’d expect to hear on your standard above average Christian radio station.  Now, before you get scared that we’re departing from the whole underground indie Christian stuff, just relax. We’ll come back to the indie stuff soon enough.  That’s our favorite stuff to cover, so we’ll be returning to it next week.  However, there are some “normal” bands that we actually enjoy and think are worth noting. Besides, we know some people enjoy regular music even more than the indie stuff, so we want them to be able to find something here too.

This first band is one of the most popular we’ll be posting about, and one of the more spiritually ambiguous (oooh, big words).

Lifehouse began their mainstream debut with the album No Name Face, which contained 2001’s most played song “Hanging by a Moment.”  Since then, they’ve gone on to produce 3 more albums, switch out some band members, and win quite a following. 

I don’t know their hearts so I can’t tell you where the members of Lifehouse stand with God, but I can tell you that I have a close friend who claims a friend of theirs led a Bible study with members of the group back in the day before they made it big.  That’s right, I have a friend who might have a friend who knew a famous person.  Some of Lifehouse’s songs, especially the early ones, seem very clearly written about or to God, but others are pretty ambiguous and could just be about some girl.  And still others are clearly just about life in general.

The current band lineup is Jason Wade (vocals), Rock Woolstenhulme Jr. (drums), and Bryce Soderberg (bass), with Wade as the only original member.  Musically, I like Lifehouse quite a lot.  They’re nothing super-creative or new, the band is just really good at making songs you’ll probably end up hearing on the radio.  They’ve got a good, solid alternative rock sound (and a good, solid alternative rock look – that band picture above couldn’t match the stereotype any better).  Some people might look down on a band for being as “ultra-normal” as Lifehouse, but I figure they’re fine musicians and if they can make catchy songs that a lot of people like, what’s wrong with that?  Yes, here at The Blah Blah, we’ll even listen to your music if other people have heard of it… sometimes.

Take a look at these two older, less-known songs, from their first and second albums, respectively, and get ready for the next band in I Heard it on the Radio Week:

Sky is Falling (acoustic)


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