Aaron SprinkleIf you’ve been around a while in the Christian music scene, you’ve probably heard a lot of Aaron Sprinkle without realizing it.  The man’s got quite a history.  Check out allmusic.com for a complete list of his credits, but just to give you a taste, Aaron Sprinkle was a member of Poor Old Lu, sang a song with MXPX, did everything for some solo albums, produced an Anberlin album, mixed a Starflyer 59 album, and engineered an Eisley album, and that’s just a start.  He’s sang lead and backup, strummed guitar, banged on keyboards, picked the bass, wailed on a drumset, shaken a shaker, tapped a tambourine, and played an old organ.  Oh, and he’s worked with Jeremy Camp, KJ-52, Hawk Nelson, Demon Hunter, Dead Poetic, Mainstay, Ruth, The Send, Kutless, Blenderhead, Stavesacre, Pedro the Lion, Telecast, Joy Electric… the list never ends!

So, yeah, you’ve run into him somewhere.  Trust me.

Way back in 1990, while Aaron was a sophomore in High School, he was in a band called BellBangVilla, which soon became Poor Old Lu and recorded their first album.  Poor Old Lu never broke into mainstream Christian circles but they built a loyal following over 12 years of albums.  In the midst of (and after) Poor Old Lu, Aaron created the band Rose Blossum Punch for a few years and from 1999 – 2004 released 6 solo albums.  In 2006, after spending a few years working on producing, mixing, and engineering albums, Aaron started a new band called Fair that seems poised to be as awesome as his previous efforts.

Here’s what it says on his MySpace page:

Aaron Sprinkle has been making music since he was in 6th grade. He has been doing solo records and playing shows on his own for several years and is thrilled to be working with some of his favorite people under the band name “Fair”. Watch for developments in the near future. When Aaron isn’t playing music with wonderful people or hanging out with his amazing friends and family he spends (most) of his time holed up in a studio making other bands sound as good as they really are. Aaron Sprinkle did not write this (he is far too humble) but endorses this message.

If you like the sound of the MP3s below, check out Fair or buy some of Aaron’s older stuff.  Fair just finished up a tour and are in the studio working on their second album.  Meanwhile, I still have to get the first album…

Here are some older Aaron Sprinkle songs for your listening pleasure:

Really Something (album version)
Sweeter than Me (live acoustic recording)

Website: www.aaronsprinkle.net
MySpace: www.myspace.com/aaronsprinkle

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