Blues GuitarWelcome back to The Top 10 in Christian Blues Week, now on day 3!

I hope you’ve been enjoying this week and perhaps even broadening your musical horizons.  Looking at my Blog Stats recently, most of my readers have not been enjoying this week.  My exploration of Christian blues has served to significantly decrease the number of hits we receive daily here at the Blah Blah.  Sell-outs.  I’m no servant to the public!  If Christian blues is what I want to blog about, it’s Christian blues I’m going to blog about.

I’ve worked really hard as a lover of music to not turn into a music snob.  There was a time when I vehemently declared that all country music was awful, all blues was cheesy, and all popular rock bands were sell-outs.  The only real music was indie music.  There was also a time (even before the above-mentioned time) when all I listened to was folk and classical.  But I’ve had my fun as a music racist and now I’m open to pretty much every type of music.  I don’t like most rap I’ve heard.  I’m pretty picky about my screamo choices.  But I won’t exclude an artist simply because their music belongs to a particular genre.  I’m an equal opportunity listener.

Now with that 0ut of the way, let’s get back to the list that’s destroying my blog!  The Top 10 in Christian Blues:

10. The Psalters – Home for Refugees
9. Glass Harp – Whatever Life Demands
8. Bob Dylan – Slow Train
7. Waterdeep – Gospel Train
6. John Davis – I Should Have Known
5. Doug Burr – Ain’t Got no Chains
4. Larry Norman – Feeling so Bad
3. Skip James – Jesus is a Mighty Good Leader
2. Son House – John the Revelator
1. Blind Willie Johnson – Mother’s Children Have a Hard Time

John Davis and Doug Burr are two of my favorite new artists as of late.  I won’t give a whole review and bio here, but sometime in the future, check back for more info on them.  John Davis is the former frontman for the band Superdrag but after a life addicted to alcohol and hard living, he gave his life to Jesus and has been radical ever since.  You can download a ton of really good demos on his website.  His song “I Should Have Known” shows off his blues skills really well, but most of the rest of his songs leave the blues formula and experiment with other sounds.

I first heard about Doug Burr here and have been hooked on him ever since.  His alternative country, blues, folk style is really great.  Check out his MySpace for some samples of his new songs.  The song I have here, “Ain’t Got No Chains,” is a good update of the old slave spirituals, which led to our modern blues music genre.

Leave me a comment.  How’d you like these guys?  Tired of the Blues week?  And come back tomorrow for some old-school 1970s blues with Larry Norman and some even older school 1930s blues with Skip James.

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