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AnathalloDay 5 of “Intro to Indie Music!” This will be my last post this week, so before I get into it, today I’ve got some links about indie music to keep you satisfied and smilin’ until Monday morning.

“What Exactly is Indie?” on Relevant Magazine – Defining indie music from the point of view of the largest indie festival in America – Pitchfork.

Bored-Again Christian Podcast and Blahg – Just Pete hosts this hour-long podcast / blog with all sorts of indie music.  I think he’s a Christian guy putting up mostly Christian stuff, but it’s fun either way.

“Indie Music” on Wikipedia – If you haven’t used Wikipedia yet to answer the question “What is Indie Music?” shame on you.

Paste Music Store – Interviews, articles, music to buy, and free MP3 downloads of independent artists, many of them Christian.

Daytrotter – On-line magazine with articles and interviews with indie artists.  Free live in-house recordings of tons of artists.

So that should keep you satisfied until Monday, when I go over some more indie stuff.  But right now, I still have to give you the next on my list of what makes indie music indie!

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The Porchfront FactoryHere we are, on to Day 4 of our “Intro to Indie Music” series.  I had everything planned on what I was going to do today (a post on Aaron Sprinkle), but it just didn’t seem right, so after talking to my wife, I thought, “Yeah, I’ll do Madison Greene,” but that just wasn’t meshing either.  I didn’t know what to do, until just about an hour ago, I found Aimee Wilson.

So today’s post will be about her, but more on that later. 

If you haven’t noticed, we’re in the middle of an introduction to Christian indie music here at The Blah Blah.  It’s been fun, and I hope you’ve learned a ton of stuff.  Check out my previous posts, parts 1 – 3, to get caught up. So what exactly makes indie music “indie?” Below is my ever-growing list of what I believe sets indie music apart from the rest…

Qualifications of Indie Music
1) It must be on an independent label (see here)
2) It’s about the music (see here)
3) Lo-fi good, over-production bad (see here)

and today’s qualification…
4) A do-it-yourself attitude

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Chair and Microphone, vol. 1Now on to day three of our “Intro to Indie Music” segment here at The Blah Blah!  I hope you’ve been enjoying the posts and even learning something while having fun.

If you’re just tuning in, I’m in the beginning of a couple weeks’ long exploration into what makes indie music “indie.”  Is it the instruments?  The attitude?  The often strange names of bands?  The faded jeans?  Or something much more… sinister?

Please feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts and/or questions.  Indie music is hard to define, so give me some feedback.

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You gotta check out this blog post here.  It’s a YouTube video of a church drama set to the Lifehouse song “Everything.”  It starts out a little cheesy, but it ends up really powerful.  I don’t get very emotional about these kinds of things, but I got goosebumps and started crying as I watched it.

 Maybe it’s the Benadryl I’m taking for allergies, but it really affected me.

FoxholeThanks for coming back for day two of our “Intro to Indie Music” segment here at The Blah Blah.

I’ve been looking at the world of indie music this week, with an emphasis on the Christian side of things, trying to answer the question ” What is indie music?”  Please offer your opinions and input, because I’m working through it as well.  I’ve got ideas and theories, and I’m more than happy to share them, but I’d like to hear what all you readers think qualifies as “indie music.”

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Gabriel Wilson of The ListeningWelcome back to The Blah Blah for another exciting week.  We’ve had some requests here that we do an “Intro to Indie Music” segment, so welcome, and please share your opinions as we move along.  As I seek to define “indie music,” I’m touching on a segment of the music industry that is very hard to define.  In fact, the definition seems to change depending on who you’re talking to, what era you’re referring to, and what mood you’re in that day.

What is indie music?  Who listens to it?  What does it sound like?  Is there really a difference from big label music?  Do you even dare find out the answers?

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SwitchfootContinuing on in “I Heard it on the Radio” week, today’s band is Switchfoot!  Like all of the bands we’ve posted this week, Switchfoot is a band that has been able to cross over from the Christian market to the secular world.  You’ve probably heard of them before because you’ve likely either heard their songs on Christian radio, regular radio, or MTV.

Most bands we like to cover here are indie bands, or at least less-well-known Christian groups, but this week of popular radio stuff has been fun, and educational – just like Sesame Street.

Switchfoot, on the other hand, is not like Sesame Street.  They have no giant wooly mammoths in the band.  They are not sponsored by letters.  And they will make few attempts to teach you Spanish.  But I still give them a strong recommendation as my personal favorite of the three bands I’ve covered this week.

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In honor of “I Heard it on the Radio” Week, I thought everyone should check out this post on Christianity Today about the top albums of 2006.  Obviously, this is from last year (hence the 2006) , but the bands are probably still good enough for 2007.

As a side note, let me say that I was put to shame by this list.  I like to think I’m pretty aware of the Christian music world, but I only had one of the albums listed (and I just got it a few weeks ago).  I only had songs from 5 of the 12 artists.  And I hadn’t even heard of 4 of the groups.

Sad, isn’t it?

I must try to reform my ways.  Only can help me now.

Relient KContinuing on with “I Heard it on the Radio Week,” today, we’ll look at a band I got into early on in their career but mostly ignored more recently – Relient K!  Relient K is one of those great happy pop-punk bands with catchy lyrics and a humorous look on life.  Who else but Relient K would release songs with names like “I’m Lion-O,” “Maybe it’s Maybeline,” and “Crayons Can Melt on Us For All I Care?”

Relient K’s current band line-up consists of Matt Thiessen (vocals, guitar, piano), Matt Hoopes (guitar, vocals), Dave Douglas (drums, vocals), John Warne (drums, vocals), and John Schneck (guitar, banjo, bells, vocals).

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Though we’re not fans of iTunes here, we do understand that a lot of people are, so here’s a little bit of news you might appreciate.

Are you tired of messing around with your iTunes settings and still not getting that perfectly balanced sound that you want?  Stop pulling your hair out!  Just go here for the perfect EQ settings and wonder no more.

Important Note

These MP3s are here for sampling purposes and to help spread the news about some sweet bands you may not otherwise know about. Support the artists by buying their MP3s and CDs and attending their shows. If you're a musician and don't want your MP3s on here, let us know and we'll take them down. In the interests of promotion and not robbery, all MP3s are taken down after a week or two, so if you wanna hear stuff, either come around often or pay for songs.

Send us an e-mail if you want stuff removed or you would like to be promoted here.

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