This is a little old, but check it out anyway. Sufjan Stevens, who I posted about yesterday, recently recorded a song for the 2007 Music Issue of The Believer. The Believer is, in their own words, “a monthly magazine where length is no object. There are book reviews that are not necessarily timely, and that are very often very long. There are interviews that are also very long.” Despite their very evangelical sounding name, the magazine is not, as far as I’m aware, Christian, just sort of possitive and optimistic.

Check out the June/July music issue here, and if you can’t still buy it at your local news stand, you can buy it right here, so you don’t miss out on any of the great music by guys like Sufjan Stevens, The Twilight Sad, Page France, Explosions in the Sky, Of Montreal, and more. Some of the bands are Christian, but most are just good, generally positive, secular bands.

Sufjan recorded a new song, “In the Words of the Governor,” which can be heard at StereoGum if you’re interested, and of course you are. It’s like nothing he’s done before and reminds me a little of the infamous Half Japanese, mixed with The White Stripes, mixed with The Beatles.  Noisy, edgy, fuzzy, lo-fi, haphazard, a little annoying, but danged catchy in a great pop song sort of way.

Will this signal the end of Sufjan Stevens’ music as we know it? Yes.

Just kidding. Of course I don’t know. I just wanted to make you cry.