Havalina Rail Co. album coverToday, a guest post from Naharmama:

Getting their name from a Pixies song, Havalina, or Havalina Rail Co., is one of the more unusual bands I have heard.  They’ve done a couple of concept albums, but their overall style reminds me of a combination of jazz, rockabilly, Americana, blues, gospel, and plain-old rock n’ roll.  Lead band member Matt Wignall describes them: “We are a hybrid of traditional American music including folk, blues, and jazz, with a streak of Brazilian and a lot of Les Baxter and Henri Mancini. We tend to write pop music in a rather orchestral fashion.” (inmusicwetrust.com)  Though no longer recording or touring, Havalina is a fun, eclectic mix of sounds anyone would love to have in their collection.

The band membership changed a little throughout the band’s existence (’92-’05) and included Matt Wignall, Jeff & Lori Suri, Grady McFerrin, Mark Cole, Orlando Greenhill, Dan Brouker, Tatiani Simonia, and Erick Diego Nietor.  They played so many different instruments that I didn’t bother to include them all.  Originating out of Long Beach, the band has been featured on MTv a couple of times.

I wasn’t sure which songs to pick to put up here, but found three that sounded different from one another so you could get a small idea of what they are like.  Though they will not claim to be a  Christian band, many of Havalina’s members are Christians and this will come through in their music.

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Here are the three songs I chose:

Flower of the Desert
Total Depravity

[Editor’s Note: You will need iTunes to play these files.]

[Another Editor’s Note: Download the albums “Russian Lullabies” and “We Remember Anarchy” for free on Havalina’s site here.  Check out the bio while you’re there.  It’s an entertaining read.]

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