Since last week I covered a folk rock group (typical blogging material), I thought I’d switch gears a little this week and offer something not too many MP3 blogs are covering – worship music.

If you haven’t heard of her yet, check out Isa Couvertier, a worship leader coming out of the International House of Prayer in Kansas City.  If you’re like me, you’re tired of all the Chris Tomlin / Tim Hughes / Matt Redman copycat worship bands.  Not to diss those guys at all.  I think they’re great worship leaders, and it’s hard to do a worship set without at least one Redman song (see here for a good laugh), but it’s retarded when everybody tries to be just like them.  With a simple, intimate style of worship and a soft voice that seems to draw you in, Isa comes across as fresh and unique – at least until the cycle repeats itself and everybody starts copying her too.

Isa has her downsides.  Because she focuses so heavily on creating a quiet, meditative worship experience, a lot of her songs can sound similar after a while.  Like any artist who’s developed a niche style for themselves, if she doesn’t branch out and attempt to include other worship styles, the music could grow old quickly.  In the final analysis, though, if you want loud and crazy worship music you can dance to, go somewhere else.  What Isa does is intimate worship, and she does it with perfection.

Visit her website and sign up for the “Band for Love” e-mail newsletter to receive free downloads of unreleased and live songs.  You’ll only get a little extra junk mail, so it’s worth it.

Here are three songs from Isa for you to enjoy:
Holy Spirit Come
Deep Calls
All That You Dreamed Of


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